Margie Joyner and Anita M. Obarakpor founded the organization in December 1999. These women have spent many years working to help others overcome barriers to self-sufficiency and attain independent living.

Ms. Margie Joyner, President
Ms. Joyner has over twenty years of financial and management experience in both for-profit and nonprofit organizations as well as extensive volunteer experience with low-income residents of the District through Harriet’s Children, a community-based program in Ward 5 providing services to former-drug addicted women. She is a member of the Management Team and oversees the operations of the organization. She is also a member of the Board of Directors

Ms. Anita M. Obarakpor, Vice President, Operations and Development
Ms. Obarakpor has approximately 15 years of federal contracting experience managing multi-million dollar contracts and 10 years of nonprofit and social service work experience. She is a member of the Management Team and oversees the operations of the organization. She is also a member of the Board of Directors.

In pursuit of its mission and work, CEET has collaborated with many other community-based organizations and entities in the District of Columbia to assist its participants. Besides the financial support from many of our noted partners and collaborators, CEET receives donations and in-kind contributions from many organizations and individuals to help meet its modest expenses. Every contribution helps us meet the needs of some of the most underserved individuals in our community.

We owe a special debt of gratitude to the Greater Mt. Calvary Holy Church which has provided the nurturing support CEET has needed to establish itself, and served as a partner in the Jobs Bank that we continue to operate for low- and middle-income members of the community



James Calvin, Johns Hopkins University
Faye Howard, DC Government
Margie Joyner, Center for Empowerment and Employment Training
Linda Moore, Eloise Whitlow Freedom Public Charter School
Anita Obarakpor, Center for Empowerment and Employment Training
Jarvis O. Obarakpor, Fannie Mae
Jane Sharpe
Denise Slaughter, Institute for Educational Leadership (Chairperson)
Michele Tingling-Clemmons, DC Government


Institute for Educational Leadership, Inc.
(Cash, Office Furniture)
Office Catering (food/refreshments)
Venable Foundation (General Operating)
Prison Ministry, GMHC (Cash Donation)


United Planning Organization (UPO)
District Department of Transportation (DDOT)
Department of Employment Services
Department of Human Services/Economic Security Administration
Department of Disability Services
Institute for Educational Leadership
EFFORTS (a program for ex-offenders)
Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia
Total Care
CATAADA House (substance abuse aftercare program)
Coalition for the Homeless-Emory House
Suited for Change


Naketa Bell, Washington, DC
Marty Blank, Washington, DC
Sheila Burr, Washington, DC
Ronnie Chapman, Cary, NC
John Esiekpe, Bowie, MD
Kimberly Joyner, Farmville, NC
Andre Green, Washington DC
Faye Howard, Bowie, MD
Carolyn Joyner, Raleigh, NC
Margie Joyner, Silver Spring, MD
Wilhemina Joyner, Silver Spring, MD
Sebena Masaline, Jacksonville, FL
Linda Moore, Washington, DC
Anita Obarakpor, Silver Spring, MD
Jarvis Obarakpor, Silver Spring, MD
April Richardson, Washington, DC
Jane Sharpe, Takoma Park, MD
Denise Slaughter, Washington, DC
Marcus Steele, Baltimore, MD
Linda Tate, Washington, DC
Michele Tingling-Clemmons, Washington, DC
Joan Wills, Washington, DC