Our partners have recognized the value of our service, and students have given testimonials as to how CEET has empowered them to accomplish the goals they set out to achieve, make better choices, and pursue higher ambitions.
CEET attributes success to four key qualities, our core values, that we believe empowers our students to achieve more, and become more self-reliant.
  • Learning
  • Service
  • Community
  • Equality


... instilling knowledge and skills needed to change and direct one's life
It is our belief that linking literacy education to employment and training programs will empower individuals to become self-sufficient, productive members of their communities.

Since 2000, CEET has provided educational and workforce development training to approximately 10,000 low-income residents of the District of Columbia—an average of 1,000 people per year. Many have obtained their General Equivalency Diploma (GED) through our GED program. Others have gained computer skills and jobs, improved reading and writing skills, strengthened their families, re-entered their communities with viable skills and/or jobs, learned to speak English, and so forth.

We too, have learned from the many constituents we have served along the way. In fact, we learned early that you must first help the individual to address any barriers they might have such as lack of housing, substance abuse, domestic violence, hunger issues, etc. before they are able to focus on studying for the GED, looking for a job, etc.
We also learned the importance of collaboration and the sharing of resources. Organizations such as Heaven’s Grocery Store (Ms. Calloway), Greater Mt. Calvary’s Food Bank (Mr. Thornton) and Clothing Boutique (Mr. Walter and others), Suited for Change (Elaine), The CAATADA House—Aftercare Treatment Program (Ms. Johnson and staff), Chase Consultants (Bridgette Chase), Coalition for the Homeless (Ms. Johnson), DHS’ Strengthening Families program, United Planning Organization (UPO), Housing Opportunities, and others
... empowering individuals to be better students and employees, as well as family members, neighbors and engaged citizens

Recognition of service from our partners--

“CEET brings a truly unique and effective resource to the employment and training arena. The agency’s approach is one that succeeds in enabling a more substantive engagement of participants and community partners alike in the process of strengthening employability, developing and enhancing skills, and discovering and advancing employment and careers.”

(UPO Project Director, John Adams, of the Progressive Partners Program)

Coalition for the Homeless, Emery Employment Services writes: “The staff is professional in their conduct, and by their diligence and consistent quality of services they demonstrate their commitment to a high standard.”

(Virginia Johnson, Employment Specialist)

The District Department of Transportation’s On-the-Job Training Manager, Taji Anderson wrote:

“You stepped right in and assisted our contractors and partners in recruiting, interviewing and assessing participants to eliminate barriers to employment in vocational jobs. You helped established a plan of action for each participant to reach his or her goals. You not only provided pre-vocational training, but pre-employment training and counseling that prepared our participants to succeed on the job as well as in life.”

... forging ties with and between students, teachers, employers and all partners in our efforts

“To Whom It May Concern:

After receiving my GED, thanks to the Center for Empowerment and Employment Training (CEET), I plan on pursuing a career in Criminal Justice. I am 19 years of age and I am so overwhelmed that I finally passed my GED test. Ever since I joined CEET, I learned how to be more independent and patient. I remember taking my GED Practice test and only missing by 10 points. I learned how to take my time and make sure I fully understood how to read the passage and relate each choice towards the question.

Overall, my next step is to go to college and seek employment with good benefits. I am working on trying to get my own place without needing help from my mom. I am incredibly thankful to have met wonderful people like Mr. Sessoms, Ms. Anita, Ms. Margie, Mrs. Allen, Mr. Clemmons, and Ms. Davidson. It is an honor and privilege to know that you guys cared and worked hard in helping me obtain my GED within a short period of time.

I cannot say it any different, but thank you so much CEET and everyone who worked in putting this program together.”

(M. Harley, GED Student after achieving GED credential, 2010)

“The CEET Program is a great program and it gives the youth a chance to prepare themselves for the work field in the future. Thank you very much for the opportunity of getting to know them.”

(S. Edgerton-Starks)

... opening doors to opportunity for all people

CEET is committed to serving …

... through programs such as Family-to-Family Mentoring—serving low-income families of the District of Columbia, DC Fatherhood Initiative Program—serving ex-offenders and their families, ARRA Stimulus Program--GED Program for 16-25 year olds-to prepare students for the GED exam, First Home Care/Foundations for Home and Community’s Foster Care Program-to prepare young people for the workforce, and the Department of Disability Services -to provide literacy and other services.